I’ve been singing and playing guitar since high school.  I started college as a music and theater major, had visions of singing and acting on Broadway.  And then reality set in.  My girlfriend and I had talked of marriage, and the thought of supporting a family as a struggling actor terrified me!  I left college, and as this was during the Vietnam War, joined the Air Force rather than risk being drafted.  As it turned out, I spent my enlistment programming computers, fighting the Cold War.

Fast forward fifty years, I am retired from a long career in Information Technology, and getting paid to entertain in senior living homes.

Two years ago, I was privileged to sing in the San Diego Follies, a musical revue, where all the performers were 55 years or older.  I have sung at the San Diego Fair in Del Mar each year since 2014.   In 2003, I founded the Seaside Carolers, a group of singers performing Christmas songs at nearby retirement homes and other charity events, including the Community Resource Center Holiday Baskets event, which benefits hundreds of families in the community.